About Me

As an academic, I’ve spent nine years variously employed on fixed-term contracts as a university lecturer and researcher in anthropology and sociology, specializing in ‘death studies’. If there’s one thing that all my interviews with the terminally ill and bereaved has taught me, it is that life is short and our health similarly precious and finite. Knowing all my friends and family whose lives have been tragically cut short or hindered by poor health, I became restless to live my life as fully as I could, despite my health being far from perfect either. Whilst my sailing experience and knowledge is almost none, my enthusiasm for life and dreams of adventure are far from limited!

At some point in my late 30s, I felt intuitively that it was time to change tack in my life and that’s how, at the threshold of my 40s, I’m a wannabe novice sailor, preparing to sail quite some way around the world … I have a lot to learn and do!

All smiles as I help fellow crew in the deep clean of our training yacht back at Gosport marina after a week of Level 1 Clipper sail training in the Solent.
Learning to helm in very light airs on my Level 2 training. Stood behind me is the Training Skipper, Mark, who has the huge challenge of teaching all us novice sailors to become safe, confident ocean racers.

I am extremely grateful and blessed that in preparing to set sail, I have the utter support of Dave, my loving husband. He has always stood by me, even when that’s meant having to live apart at times: so that I could take up a lectureship at the opposite end of the country for example, or indeed, one summer when I delivered a Master’s course in Riga (Latvia)! Whilst I have always been the gregarious extrovert (but prone to worry and lacking self-confidence at times), Dave has always been the quieter, kinder, steadying force in my life. Whilst I dream of the Clipper and realising my childhood dream to experience an expanse of ocean, he dreams of his summers playing cricket and anticipating an expanse of green! My husband is an inner-city postman. He likes terra firma and is regularly found walking on solid ground in his shorts (a postie trait!). I like water and will have to learn to walk on un-solid ground at an angle in a safety harness. We make a great team!

A busman’s holiday: Despite having to walk daily for his job, we will always be found spending our holidays with a rucksack and tent out hiking.
Dave; down-to-earth and always smiling.