Meet my Skipper, Mate and Team

My Skipper is Jeronimo Santos Gonzalez. He’s 44 years old and is the first Spanish Skipper in the history of the Clipper RTW yacht race. I feel very honoured to be on his team and to be coached by him.


With his father and grandfather both being sea captains, the sea has always played a big role in Jeronimo’s life. His father used to take him away for months and he counts some of his fondest early memories being on the bridge of a cargo ship with him, sailing the seas. He was just seven years old when he first started racing dinghies.

Jeronimo Santos-Gonzalez, who was born in Galicia, is the first Spaniard to lead a team in the 23 year history of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. On his appointment, he says: “Sailing around the world is a great adventure and it’s been my lifetime ambition to get to do it professionally. To do it with a race that has the global reputation and following that the Clipper Race has is a huge bonus.

“It’s an added honour that I am the first Spanish Skipper in the race’s history. I’ve sailed at a national level in my youth so I feel enormously proud to have the chance to represent my country on the international stage once again.”

With more than 80,000 nautical miles under his belt, Jeronimo first started racing dinghies aged seven and went on to compete in various Spanish and European Championships. He has now completed five Atlantic crossings, and skippered charters around the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Ahead of applying to be a Clipper Race Skipper, Jeronimo has lived in East Sussex where he has spent the past two years as a race skipper, instructing beginner sailors on the Solent.

On what Jeronimo predicts will be his best qualities as a Clipper Race Skipper, he says: “I am very practical, a patient problem solver and I manage risks well. I am passionate about sailing and anything to do with water and adventures, and I aim to motivate people around me with my positive attitude.

“People who have sailed with me before describe me as having a great deal of patience and they feel confident with me. I am calm in a storm.”

In addition to his sailing qualifications, Jeronimo has a Law Degree from the University of Granada, and has his PADI Diving Instructor certificate. Aside from growing up in Vigo and then Melilla, and living in the UK, he has also lived in Japan, Ibiza, and the Philippines.

The Mate/AQP on board is the very patient and highly experienced Ryan Barkey.

During my Level 4 race training in the English Channel with Skipper (L) and Mate/AQP (R).

Punta del Este
Sailing to our practice race start off the Needles/Isle of Wright for my Level 4 race training in June 2019; it was the 1st time I had sailed my official race team’s yacht and I was proud to do so…we went on to win both our practice races too!

After making a splash on the Clipper Race circuit with a spectacular stopover during the 2017-18 edition, Punta del Este has returned as a Host Port for the second consecutive edition. Building on its success, Punta del Este will be flying the flag for Uruguay on the global race platform with a debut team entry in the Clipper 2019-20 Race.