(Don’t) Miss the Boat

Idiom: to fail to take advantage of an opportunity.

Remember life before COVID-19? Back in those days I had a BIG plan for today. Today was the day I was catering for 35 friends who would join me at the Benjamin Perry Scout Hut in Bristol for my Race Departure Party. Dave had produced a nautical themed playlist and I had written a quiz for the early part of the evening to be enjoyed with rum and a hearty buffet of home-cooked food.

The party invite I had sent out to friends over New Year 2020.

Today also sees in the start of British Summer Time. We would have lost an hour’s sleep upon waking up tomorrow, but I saw that as auspicious and entirely apt for life at sea.

This is where I should have been partying tonight on the harbourside.

Rather than get in the doldrums about it, I thought it would be a homage to all my husband and I were looking forward to by sharing his playlist and inviting you to do the quiz. You have until the 30th April to send me your answers using the contact form on this blog. I will announce the winner on the 2nd May, which would have been the start of Leg 7 racing from Seattle aboard Punta del Este.

The winner will receive a copy of this book, which I am happy to post anywhere in the world in the spirit of adventure and dreams of circumnavigating the globe under sail; if I can’t, at least the book can!

A copy of this book is up for grabs if you’re the lucky winner of the quiz below!

Just promise me you don’t cheat, because, after all, it would be far too easy to simply Google the answers if you don’t know them already. I also encourage you to enjoy doing this quiz whilst listening to some of the tracks from Dave’s playlist below and pouring yourself a rum if you’re lucky enough to have access to any under lockdown!


  1. In what year did the first Clipper round-the-world yacht race start?
  2. Who founded the Clipper round-the-world yacht race?
  3. Which legs of the race was I competing in?
  4. Name all the port cities or locations I would have been visiting in the race, including the city I was to set out from? (There are 6, so 1 point for each correct answer)
  5. Ocean-racing involves fast, responsive deck work as a team with each crew member assuming a specific role. Which of the following deck roles is the fake one? a) Bowman b) Lugger c) Grinder d)Helm
  6. What is the image on the hull of the yacht I was meant to be racing aboard?
  7. In what country is the coastal city of Punta del Este to be found?
  8. What is the country of birth of my team’s Skipper?
  9. In what year did the construction of the Panama Canal begin?
  10. What is a toilet called on a boat?
  11. What is the name of the inlet of the Pacific Ocean that I would have sailed along upon departing from Seattle?
  12. What is the name of the very large sail flown at the bow of a yacht in light airs?
  13. Is Bermuda part of the Caribbean?
  14. What is the term for the watch who are assigned to cook meals and clean below decks?
  15. What was the city of New York formerly known as?
  16. In what year did it become known as New York?
  17. What is a lee cloth?
  18. What do crew clip their 3-way safety tethers to when working on deck?
  19. What festival was scheduled to take place during the Derry-Londonderry stopover?
  20. Name the three corners of a sail. (1 point for each correct answer)
  21. What is the longest pleasure pier in the world?
  22. Which of these knots cannot be used as a stopper knot (stopping the end of the rope pulling through a hole)? a) Figure of Eight b) Admiralty c) Sheet Bend
  23. Which of these is not found on the deck of an ocean racing yacht? a) Cockpit b) Snake pit c) Pulpit d) Sand pit
  24. Sailing involves learning a huge amount of technical or maritime language. For example, a rope is NEVER called a rope! So, what is the name of the rope (line) that is used to hoist or drop a sail?
  25. What is the name of the rope (line) that is used to control the trim of a sail?

Dave made a playlist for tonight’s party. Here are some of my favourites, if you fancy listening to them whilst working through the quiz questions.

The La’s – Liberty Ship

Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues

Tom Waits – Shiver Me Timbers

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – Lee Shore

Fairport Convention- A Sailor’s Life

…If you have any nautical themed tunes you want to share with me then please do make suggestions using the comments box below.