A line-up of buoys

This week saw the passing of a very significant milestone in my countdown to race start; Clipper revealed the Clipper 2019-20 Round The World Yacht Race Skippers.

At first I was really excited, finally, after months of waiting, to find out who they were…and then after about 5 minutes, it sunk in that they were all white men! I felt deeply disappointed, as I honestly thought there might be a woman or two in the line-up; especially given the successes of Wendy Tuck and Nikki Henderson in the previous edition of the race and with Tracey Edwards’s film ‘Maiden‘ released just over two week’s ago, which celebrates and promotes women in ocean racing.

Whilst I congratulate all those who have succeeded in becoming the next Race Skippers – I can’t fault Mark Burkes as he was my Skipper during my Level 2 training last August – I do ask myself why women did not apply this year (according to Clipper they did not)? What factors discouraged them?

I for one, was really keen to race under a female Skipper, so I feel disappointed by the announcement, but now I know who the eleven Race skippers are, I guess I should just focus on them and their credentials and time will reveal soon enough who I am to crew under.