Off Shore. On Air.

Since they have been safely flown home following quarantine in Subic Bay marina, there’s been a flurry of media coverage of my team mates who were sailing in the aborted race. So I thought I would share their reported experiences of the race so far with you.

First up, is one of Punta del Este’s circumnavigators, Mary Vaughan-Jones, discussing her experience of the race in the Independent newspaper and how it came to an abrupt end due to the coronavirus outbreak. You can read the article here.

Next up is Clara Carrington, having done most of the race to date, being interviewed in a 30 minute podcast hosted by The Sailing Show. Listen here.

“Abby’s guest this month is Clipper Round the World sailor, Clara Carrington.  Clara has been a passionate social sailor through her life and having worked shore side for the Volvo Ocean Race, Clara has now embarked on her own round the world race with Clipper.  Clara is racing with team Punta del Este which is currently lying third overall in the Clipper Round The World Race.  Abby chats to Clara from her home in Uruguay having recently returned following the decision to postpone the remainder of the Clipper Race due to the global impact of COVID -19. They discuss how Clara’s experience in human resources helped her with the crew’s interaction and what she learned from each leg especially with adapting to new crew members and the importance of empathy in a team situation.”

Finally, but by no means least, ‘legger’ Jim Leaf, sharing his race journey on The Enterprise Podcast. Listen here.

“After stepping foot on to a sailboat for the first time ever in April 2019. Jim completed 4 weeks of training with Clipper Ventures, earning his Competent Crew and Sea Survival qualifications. He then joined the loud crew of the Punta Del Este Clipper Yacht to race 11 other boats from the Punta Del Este in Uruguay to Cape Town South Africa. He directly crossed the South Atlantic through the eye of 3 relentless storms, back to back.

Joined by 21 other crazy amateurs and led by 2 amazing professionals. Jim and the crew finished in 2nd place after battling 40 – 75-knot winds and 8 – 12m waves for 16 days! This amazing experience was to become the most incredible test of endurance of his life so far. Back on terrafirma, I caught up with Jim to reflect on the lessons he learned about teamwork, communication, social awareness, compassion, leadership and crisis and stress management.”